While the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the best phone we've tested (at the time of writing), its days in this mode may be limited. The Realme Race series, including the Pro model, is coming and a launch date has been confirmed in February.

This comes from the Chinese social media site Weibo, where company president Xu Qi Chase confirmed that the phone will come `` after the Spring Festival. '' In 2021, the Spring Festival, another name for the Chinese New Year, falls on February 12th, so we can see the phone launch right after that.

Realme has already confirmed some of the Realme Race Pro specifications to TechRadar, so we know little about the phone (including that it is set to rival the best Samsung Galaxy S21 model), but we still need to hear the price and features other than the Pro phone as well.

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Samsung has a competition

We haven't tested Realme Race Pro, so we can't say for sure if it will compete with the Galaxy S21 Ultra in all respects, but the specs are just as much - it has a 6.8-inch 160Hz display, 125W charging, the cutting-edge Snapdragon 888 chipset, and more. .

It may seem strange to place the top device of the best smartphone, Samsung, against an invisible smartphone from the little-known company Realme, but it indicates a change.

Realme has become the largest in the world of smartphones. According to CounterPoint Research, Realme had a 0% share of the smartphone market until the beginning of 2019 - now it's 4%. At the same time, Samsung hovered around the 21% mark, while sometimes dropping.

Unlike Xiaomi, Realme is the only smartphone company that has been shown to have grown steadily during that period, which indicates that it is slowly gaining popularity in a way that other phone brands do not exist. So, while it doesn't have a huge Samsung audience, it has momentum, which is important.

So in the future, we can closely compare Realme and Samsung phones, and cover the new phones that 
the brand is placing.